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RadioManager is all about your radio station. We provide you with the tools necessary to create your omni radio experience. Use our service for input and output from and to your own existing systems using the tools described on these pages.

API v2
The API is a way to communicate on a low level way with our service. Try your calls in the webinterface and discover more about the return possibilities.

The SDK's are built upon our API and provide you with an easy way to interact with your programming language of choice and our service. All the features of the API are ready build-in functions with ORM for faster and easier development.

Applications and Widgets
The Widgets are small, integrated applications within our service to make your life easier. For example: you could have a widget for the SMS's the studio receives which is completely based on your own web-app.

To connect any file source of data, e.g. XML, CSV or JSON, we have a solution that can import those files into RadioManager. RadioManager Connect works on Windows, Linux and MacOS and gives you the flexibility to send information from other systems to RadioManager.

Realtime API
The Realtime API is meant as a service to send the now-on-air information to other systems. This way you can easily connect your website, application server or Visual Radio and keep them up-to-date with all the current information about your radio station.

Push API
Do your systems need to be fully up to date on what is happening in RadioManager?
We provide a configurable webhook, optionally secured with HMAC, to inform your systems of any change in your Broadcasts, Items or Songs.

Integration with external systems
Getting information from your playout, music scheduler and newsroom is easy with the tutorials provided. If the software you want to connect is not listed in the documentation please send your questions to our support system.

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