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RadioManager Connect is middleware software that can parse your now-on-air and playlist files and update your RadioManager. When you push information from your playout of music schedular be sure there are Broadcasts planned for the dates of the items. RadioManager Connect watches your files and will send the files whenever they are overwritten/changed.

This is RadioManager Connect version 2. That means that configurations from version 1 are broken and will be ignored and you will have to remake your configurations for this version. The old configuration files of the first version will not be deleted or overwritten.


Download the right RadioManager Connect for your Operating System:

Install and usage

RadioManager Connect comes in a portable package and should be run once to initialize. It will create a configuration folder in your home folder. On Linux or Mac you can find the folder: /home/{username}/rmconnect/ On Windows: \Users\{username}\rmconnect\

RadioManager Connect is a deamon program that can read XML files containing items for RadioManager. It can push items as a playlist or as a current playing song. The mark-up of the XML files can be configured in RadioManager Connect, so it is compatible with almost any playout system. It uses xpath syntax to point to locations in the XML file. The XML files should be present on the same machine as RadioManager Connect is running on and can be overwritten by an external (playout) system on any change. RadioManager Connect uses a filewatcher to detect updates to the files.

UI Configuration

The UI offers the following fields to be configured:


Name - The name/id of the connection how it shows in the list and in notifications
Path - The path to the XML file on the local machine. To point to a folder use wildcards (/folder/*)
Input Format - File format of the input, currently only XML and ASC are possible
Playlist - Select whether this is a playlist and whether to send a start time of every item or send the list as bulk
Seperate Calls (playlist only) - Send as bulk or per item


Key - The API key as defined in Radiomanager Stationsettings->API
Secret - The API secret as defined in Radiomanager Stationsettings->API


Model Type selector - Define what ModelType to use, either select a pre-defined ModelType ID, define a xpath or field where the model type is found (latter is playlist only)
Model Type mappings - If the value of hte ModelType is found with an item, you can map values to ModelType ID's here. You can match values on 'containing', 'starting with', 'full match' or 'regular expressions'.
Items xpath (XML playlist only) - Xpath to the element containing all the items of a playlist
Handle Multiple Blocks (playlist only) - choose to send multiple blocks divided by key or parent element
Data selectors - Here you can map the data of the item(s) from the XML to the right fields in RadioManager. The 'key' is a (custom) field in RadioManager and the xpath is the location in the XML where to find that data. Note that duration is always required and start is required for the current item calls.
Data Enrichments - Here you can enrich the fields with static data or data from other fields. To process the value of a field encapsulate it with curly brackets like: {title}. (note: this function replaces the "Append Artist to Title" option and is backwards compatible)

Dates and Times

Global Date xpath (XML playlist only) - Xpath to an date string containing the day of the playlist
Item DateTime xpath (playlist only) - Xpath to the time strings of each item, optionally containing a date as well
DateTime Format - optionally force Connect to parse dates from the input in a certain way. If it fails it will try to parse without explicit format
TimeZone - optional timezone to accompany all dates/times. By default this will be your local timezone.
Duration in milliseconds - set this if the duration in an item is described in milliseconds instead of seconds or mm:ss format (last two will be auto-detected).

Extra option

Debug - Optional Debugging options

Yaml Configuration

The config file can be found, on Linux or Mac: /home/{username}/rmPusher/config.yml On Windows: \Users\{username}\rmPusher\config.yml

Explanation of config file with all possible options. This is for reference to understand the config file, this configuration will not work!

- 'File 1': #name for notitifaction purposes, could be anything that you can identify.
    path: 'C:\now-on-air.xml' #location of the file
    active: true
    key: YOUR_API_KEY #key from Station settings -> API
    secret: YOUR_API_SECRET #secret from Station settings -> API
    endpoint: '/api/items/current/' #Location to send data to for now on air
    endpoint: '/api/items/playlist/' #Location to send data to for playlist (only one endpoint can be set)
    input_format: 'xml'
    model_type_id: 12 #All items could have fixed model_type_id, model_type_id's can be found in the Stationsettings->DataModel pane in RadioManager
    date_xpath: ''/*/*/PlaylistInfo/TimeStampStart/text()'' #The xpath to a GLOBAL date in the XM:L
    date_time_xpath: '/*/*/PlaylistInfo/*[position()>5]/TimeStampStart/text()' #The xpath to each date of an Item in the XML
    item_xpath: '/*/*/PlaylistInfo/*[starts-with(name(), ''Item'')]' #The xpath to all item elements
    model_type_xpath: '/*/*/PlaylistInfo/*[position()>5]/ItemTypeAsText/text()' #the xpath to each modeltype of an ITem in the XMl
    model_type_mapping: # Because msot software is not able to store and write the RadioManager id's you can map names, or numbers, to the right id's
      '12':                 #Full match the word "Muziek" to modeltype_id 12
        match: 'Muziek'
        match_type: 'full'
      '13':                 #If the modeltype input starts with "Jing" map to modeltype_id 13
        match: 'Jing'
        match_type: 'starts_with'
        match: 'Reclame'      #If the modeltype input contains "Reclame" map to modeltype_id 14
        match_type: 'contains'
        match: '/[Nn]ieuws/'#regular expression match
        match_type: 'regex'
    data: #for items out the now on air we need to the set the item data, the values could either be fixed, read from filename or fetched from XPath.
      external_id: '/root/*/@id'
      start: '/root/start/text()'
      duration: '/root/start/@duration'
      title: '/root/*/title/text()' #optional
      details: '/root/*/details/text()' #optional
      title: '{artist} - {title}' #Append artist tot title
    datetime_format: 'YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm:ss'
    duration_ms: true
    timezone: 'UTC' 
    currentKey: 'OmniPlayer' #name of the configuration in RadioManager Connect
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